Why Growing Importance of Zinc Electroplating?

Worldwide surveys find zinc being the 4th most-used metals on the planet next to iron, aluminum, and copper. Its abundance, cost effectiveness, and its electropositive facets provide metals like steel and iron the most protected outfit with zinc electroplating to get rusted. No surprise, iron, and steel are the two major metals on which our world moves. Equally, oxidation which leads to rusting is a common experience for iron and steel as they get exposure to air and moisture and both metals are highly vulnerable to oxidation.

Zinc plating serves as a unique metallic protector by keeping moisture away from reaching the exterior surfaces of substrates. Irrespective of indoor and especially outdoor settings can cause oxidation with the presence of various chemical-laden atmospheres to common issues like water spills or even human perspiration. With a variety of innate properties, as a protective coating material, the electro disposition backed zinc electroplating has ever-growing demand in industries from automobile to engineering, construction to aerospace, defense to electrical or decorative and others. In reality, other than protecting things from all possible oxidation and rusting, zinc electroplating brings in a wide array of benefits which is the basis of its growing importance in modern industries. Let’s have a look.

Protect Corrosion  

Amidst the chief reasons that act behind the increasing popularity of zinc electroplating in the industrial, commercial, and domestic application; one is its protective barrier performs as a ‘sacrificial coating,’ and stands all impacts of oxidation process while protecting the base object. As for instance, the automobile industry is one of its largest users of zinc plating worldwide, and zinc plated components are thoroughly used in automobiles irrespective of their types, be it heavy trucks, luxury cars to the general automobile. From chassis hardware to engine components and braking system to door latches or radiator fittings, zinc plated gears has been a ‘second to none’ choice to industries.


Coating objects with zinc ensure their lasting durability for more than decades to come. When steel is given zinc bath through hot dip galvanizing process, the outcome of the zinc layer not only guards the steel from corrosion but offers it an attractive shiny lasting look too. Throughout the world, zinc electroplated nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners are extensively used in all industrial applications for anything that is used for outdoor or indoor use.


Zinc is well known for its super ductility. The feature enables users to stretch the metal into thin layers and strings while using for coating. The amazing character of zinc is that whereas various metals are prone to hydrogen diffusion that make them brittle on the surfaces, due to embrittlement, zinc coating can sustain all wear and tear effectively, and reacts positively to protect substrates.


Perhaps one of the biggest appealing features of zinc electroplating is that apart from its abundance, zinc is proven environment-friendly for human and industrial use. You must be aware that industry uses various metals that are noxious to the environment due to their various plus points but only after needed treatment ( if any), proper storage, workers training and with appropriate disposing which increases operational cost of employing such metals. Naturally, that affects on their coasting price which does not apply for zinc electroplating.


Zinc is found in profusion in the Earth’s crust that makes it’s widely available through the world and comes cost effective for business houses. Opposed to various metal coatings, zinc electroplating is amazingly low-cost while the extremely valuable choice to any industry that needs protecting steel or iron produces from corrosion. Zinc’s tolerance to temperature is also low which contributes to cost-effective cooling if coated objects.

Coating Ease

When it comes to an electroplating process, depending on the comprehensiveness and complexity of the procedures, the price of metal coating also changes. The uniqueness of zinc electroplating is that the industry is prepared to offer highly cost-effective rack and barrel process coating services for your need. Thus, considering the size, the volume of the fragility of your materials to be coated either barrel or rack plating is available. For example, when you are intended to coat high volume nuts, bolts fasteners, choosing barrel process helps you get low coat consistent coating of elements while for decorative accessories barrel process comes handy.

Product Aesthetics

Apart from shine, it’s equally possible for your zinc electroplating service provider to infuse a variety of colors such as gold, silver, black, or olive, etc which are most demanding in the market.

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