Why Choose Laser Marking over Printing?

Proper labeling ensures some crucial security measures for a product. Every consumer wants to protect the goods he has purchased and for assuring that labels that cannot be tampered or withdrawn or distorted play a too important role. If security and chances of recovery for a stolen product is one crucial benefit of quality labeling, there are many other important advantages as well. A label informs you about things that are crucial to assess a product or a company. The manufacturing date and time in the label is important for knowing how old the product is at the point of making a purchase. Similarly, an industry certification logo will guarantee the qualitative standing of the product. Modern consumers cannot think of a quality product without proper and elaborate label on it. Laser marking technology revolutionized labeling in more ways than one and they have replaced printed labels in most high end goods that requires durable labels.

From marking machine parts to labeling metal objects to marking on an array of different materials and surfaces, laser marking is equipped for all types of labeling requirement you can think of. Labels are crucial for post purchase services from the company and if your label is intact even you may not be required to produce any purchase document. Labels make it easy to authenticate the owner, manufacturing date, purchase location and the brand name.  These days in many industries such information is crucial for maintenance of service and compliance. Aviation, shipping, logistics, automobile, transport, machineries, construction, consumer durables, healthcare products, almost a vast majority of high value goods, machineries and spare parts require durable labeling that continues to remain unaltered as long as any trace of the product is there. To make your labels durable you have no better option than laser marking.

How laser marking works?

Laser marking works by concentrating a beam of light on the surface of the goods and for doing this the movement of the laser ray is adjusted and controlled through a computer aided control interface. Unlike other laser engraving (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_engraving) or marking technology that cut into the object surface, laser marking just marks the surface by discoloring the marking area with strong and powerful beam of light. In laser marking the light beam makes the impression on the object surface without even touching it and this facilitates a zero invasion or damage on the surface of the object. Moreover, being thoroughly computer controlled and aided any object gets highest level of precision and accuracy in marking.

There are many different types of laser marking machines available for different marking and labeling requirements. There is low power desktop machine which is quite ideal for marking small batches. On the upper limit, there are robust integrated laser marking systems within an industrial production line. Printing technology is always outperformed by modern laser marking systems because the later can provide durable and attractive markings.

Key Advantages of Laser Marking

Labels are crucial for an array of reasons as we have discussed earlier. Laser marking technology just ensures the highest qualitative output to meet the labeling requirements of most modern industries and their product lines. Let us here have a quick look at the key advantages of laser marking that make it so indispensable across the industries.

Cost effective: For high volume labeling requirements the costs really go down a very minimum as laser technology while marking does not need to consume anything like ink.

Durability: The falling of stickers or fading ink of labels is a common experience of most consumers.  But using laser mark you can sure of a durability that no other marking can match. Laser marks stays as long as the product lasts, at least.

Readability and visibility: Laser mark creates an eye catchy impression and its precision driven marking makes it possible to make characters stand out clear even in very small tiny surface.

Fast paced marking: Most major industrial production lines cannot just think other than laser marking when t comes to labeling, simply because besides meeting qualitative demands to the highest it is fast and simple technology to mark an object.

Versatility: Laser marking is really versatile and flexible when it comes to types of object surface. It can mark surfaces made of a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics or natural materials.

Finally, laser marking is also preferred because it is a minimally invasive marking technology that even does not touch an object while marking. Moreover, unlike so called printers it requires least maintenance.

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