Tips for Choosing the Best Laser Marking Machine

A laser marking machine marks virtually all metals and non-metals and various other materials without adding any undesirable substance and with high contrast. Mostly, the typical physical effects of the laser marking machine induce a colour change within the material so there is no surface modification by burrs or corrugations. Different laser sources (solid state and CO2) and marking methods are used to achieve the best results on every type of surface. Before you buy a laser marking machine, you should conduct some preliminary research to determine which wavelength is best suited for the products that you plan to engrave and mark. Often times, people will buy a marking machine and find out later that it does not perform everything they were told it would. Don’t worry, here are a few tips on how to ensure that you make an informed choice.

Choosing the Best Laser Marking Machine

Check for the specifications of the machine; it should suit your requirements! The following are a few characteristic features of a good laser marking machine.

  The laser output power should be large enough (which is the effectiveness and speed of the key), the energy must be stable (usual stability required is 2%, sometimes 1%, so as to process the desired output).

  There should be a good laser output and beam quality. This includes the mould and model stability.

  The laser should be highly reliable and be able to withstand continuous operation and harsh industrial processing.

  The laser marking machine should be simple to operate with explicit control key functions. Must be able to protect the laser from damage and refuse an illegal operation.

Talk to the Right People

Find out how much the people you speak to actually know about the machine and the laser marking technology. By popping a few questions about the marking process and the machine you will get a feel of how much they really know about the system. This is crucial because when you have a trouble, and you will, you need to be sure that the person that sold you the machine can and will help you. It is very simple to spot the ones that are simply reading from a brochure and those that have considerable experience.

Try a few Samples

Collect a few samples of the different products you plan to mark on the system and send them to the manufacturers you are considering. They will offer a free sample marking of your parts, and most companies will provide a report of the results, with the cycle time for each part and the laser power used. This will help you find out if the machine they are recommending best meets your requirements. You will notice a change in the quality of the samples and the cycle times from the various manufacturers. You will most likely go for the company that offers the best looking samples. Focus on those companies that offered the results that you expected. It may be important to mark more than one set of samples to find out which systems would be the right fit for you. If possible, visit the facility and watch them mark your samples. You will then have a fair opportunity to understand what is needed to mark your parts with their machine.

Compare the Price

Get a formal quote on the machine configuration that you plan to buy. Be cautious, manufacturers can often make the quotations confusing, so, ask questions and be sure you understand what it says. Don’t simply go for the cheapest! Compare all the specifications and the prices to make the best choice.

Use the above tips to select the best laser marking machine to meet your needs.

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