Things to Keep in Mind while Purchasing a Dot Peen Marking Machine

The most multifaceted marking solutions on the market today can be considered to be the Marking technology that uses Dot Peen Marking. Dot peen systems, also known as pin stamp marking, is a firsthand process used to mark names, logos, alphanumeric characters, unique identification codes, bar codes and 2D matrices in an accurate manner, which employs low stress.

Introducing the Dot Peen Machine

Nowadays, most manufacturers as well as buyers prefer dot peen marking machines over the others, because it enables the manufacturers to stamp on uneven and rough surfaces, ranging from metals to plastics. There is also a provision to achieve both deep as well as light engraving, using the adjustable marking depth. This ensures 100% dependable product traceability. These marking machines have versatile capabilities. They can be employed for simple nameplate marking as well as for marking directly on fabricated components by using entirely integrated solutions.

Automating the marking process, also allows manufacturers to escalate their overall production throughput and redistribute valuable manpower. Dot peen systems help to achieve consistent, fast and error-free marks. It also benefits the operators by reducing labor injuries and fatigues that result from manual marking processes. It also allows the operator to program data on the controller or collaborate with bar code scanners, host system and several other devices.

Working of Dot Peen Machines

Pneumatically driven marking technology is employed in these machines to peen or stamp a series of closely spaced, very small dots to form curved or straight lines. This pin marking technology exerts minimum force on the surface of the material while providing fast and precise marks. These attributes of Dot markers equip the printing of logos, texts and codes in desired sizes and orientations.

Types of Dot Peen Systems

•  Bench-top marking machines: These empower the user to engrave marks, plates and tag tooling. They are versatile in nature. They can be used to mark along the axis or around the circumference of cylindrical and round parts.

•  Portable marking systems: They are handheld marking machines available in several sizes. They are used for spotting large products with a single push. They can make extra deep marks that can remain readable even after galvanizing, painting and shot blasting the metal.

•  Integrated systems: They can be utilized to integrate automatically mark parts, as and when they are made, and also integrate the production line. The marking head with gasketing and a protective head make it an ideal fit for use in harsh and sturdy environments.

Few Essentials to Help You Choose the Ideal Dot Peen Marking Machine

Always make sure your Dot peen markers has the following attributes:

•  The range of configuration should be wide enough to suit your request.

•  It should be able to perform both line and dot engraving.

•  It should be able to mark on any size of products and easy to handle.

•  It should be able to work independently without a PC.

•  Single integrated control for keyboard, screen and software.

•  Ability to mark on rough, etched, smooth, thick and delicate surfaces.

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