Modern Marking Systems for the Industrial Use

In any product, components and parts besides playing their elementary role in the respective product, they also need to tell about themselves. In the referential context of modern industries and manufacturing environments they need to answer a few questions concerning their origin, make, authenticity, date of manufacturing, warranty and service status, etc. All components and parts pertaining to diverse industries including aviation, automobile, electronics, consumer durable, medical equipment, heavy machinery, construction equipment and products, require these details and prove to be critical for maintenance professionals, technicians, quality assurance professionals and inspectors in a product value chain. Precise and durable marking impression achieved by modern marking systems let these components and parts tell about themselves accurately. Let us offer here a quick look at some of the most popular and widely used industrial marking systems across diverse engineering and manufacturing units.

Laser marking system

No other marking system can achieve such durability and precision of marking an impression as laser marking. It is not only regarded as the fastest marking machine, but also known to handle marking task on an array of surfaces including hardest metals like carbides. Moreover, quality assured by this type of marking is also unmatched compared to other types of marking. From minimizing wastage of resources to fast paced, accurate output, this is the most advanced marketing technology so far. Among various types of laser marking systems fiber laser systems are most advanced and user optimized.

Tag marking machines

Tag marking machines are capable to deliver diverse marking impressions rather than just mark alpha numeric text on metal plates as they are commonly referred for. These machines have the ability to create logos, images and completely machine readable bar codes on various types of metal plates and tags. Tag marking in industries is used for product traceability purposes and for component marking and highly equipped modern marking machines can deliver optimum tag marking output.

Dot Peen Marking Equipment

Dot peen marking is one of the most preferred marking solutions widely acclaimed for its versatility and capability to handle a wide array of marking tasks. The range of different marking and engraving tasks accomplished by dot peen marking systems includes nameplate engraving to large integrated marking solutions for marking components in a production facility. Dot peen marking systems comes with computerized touch screen interface with guiding software for more precise and automated marking output. The marking stylus used in these types of machines is made of either tungsten or high quality alloy.

Pneumatic Marking Machine

Pneumatic marking machines are popular marking systems across the industries and manufacturing niches for their reliable performance and steady output. The handheld or portable pneumatic marking machines are also widely popular thanks to the handy and useful way of maneuvering them. The computerized portable screen in the handheld marking machines clearly displays the marking object and the dimension and measurement of the content to be marked. Adjusting the measurement and marking position on the screen the technician can control the marking task accordingly and can achieve precision. The screen interface in a handheld marking machine is typically located just above the hand grip.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is one of the most common industrial techniques used for combining two metal pieces together. By local use of high frequency ultrasonic traditional acoustic vibrations held-together pieces are transformed into solid weld. Though this is not used particularly for marking or engraving purposes, in various heavy metal industries this method is often used to join an engraved metal plate with a bigger metallic part.

In modern manufacturing sectors, automation is playing the key role in driving new modes of marking and engraving. More advanced a marking technology is considered, more it would be optimized for automation. If one looks at the evolution of modern marking and engraving systems over the years, the increasing focus on automation would be clear. The above mentioned examples starting from latest fiber laser marking systems to dot peen marking to pneumatic marking systems, only tells us how the drive for automation paved the way for new marking technology.

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