Make Your Own with Metal Garage

While the traditional garage remains a popular vehicular storage solution, there is another option that has been quickly gaining steam in the past decade: detached metal garages. These easy-to-build units are a resilient and convenient way to provide your property with extra storage, or to have a warm and dry shop for projects or a home business. Here are just a few of the advantages you can enjoy with a metal garage.

1. The Size You Need

Metal garages come in any shape, size, and even color. Whether you need something simple near your residential driveway or something more substantial for multiple vehicles or tractors in a rural setting, there is a metal garage for you and your needs. On top of the customization, you can also choose the colors you want, so it can stand out or blend in to your liking.

2. A Garage When You Need it

Building garages with insulation, framing, and all the added accessories takes a lot of time and, often, entire construction crews. Metal garages, however, can be constructed by just a handful of handy people in as little time as a single afternoon. That means you can get the storage solution you need in as little time as tomorrow, depending on your needs.

3. Lower Construction Costs

Metal garages are inexpensive to purchase and set up. You and a handful of friends are often all you need to build your metal garage, and the amount of money you need to construct it is much, much lower too. Instead of paying construction crews for a few weeks of work, grab some high quality metal sheets, a DIY manual, and build what you need for less.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs

Stainless steel remains one of the most resilient building materials on the planet. When treated properly, it rarely corrodes, requires little in the way of maintenance, manages to stay strong consistently for decades, and can stand up to blunt trauma and hazardous weather conditions. This is one of the major advantages of using a metal garages – once it’s up, it’s tough to take down. This leads to lower maintenance costs, saving you money in the long run on top of the affordable construction costs.

5. Low Fire Risk

Metal garages pose a much smaller fire risk for one fairly simple reason: steel doesn’t burn. While wood framing offers certain advantages for buildings, simple structures, like a detached garage, can benefit from the resilience of steel, especially since garages often store flammable materials.

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