Laser Etching Machines for Industrial Marking Applications

Quite often, the logo on a product is what attracts the customers, at times the design of the logo, while some other times the placement of it brings in sales to your products; well this is one advantage of marking.

Marking, engraving of serial numbers, bar codes, etc. for industrial products helps manufacturers control their inventory, trace their products during the entire life cycle of the product. Marking of bar codes, QR codes, etc. have become almost indispensable for all industrial products, manufactured today. Such marking helps accomplish commercial and marketing goals of a company, companies engrave, mark artistic designs on the products to give them a visually appealing look.

In addition, companies use marking, etching for branding purposes with etching companies name, logo, designs, etc. on parts help them promote their company’s brand name. Finally, many governments and quality control organizations across the world require marking of bar codes and other codes on the parts for security reasons.

Industries use different types of metals for durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Different industries, products require different material such as glass, wood, plastic, etc., etching on these a wide variety of surfaces require machines and technology that can etch permanent marks, designs on any surface. In the world of marking and etching products, Laser technology is a revolution, as it can etc. permanent marks on any surface without actually causing damage to the surface of the products.

Laser or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, uses a light beam to make marks on the products. This is the most efficient and durable methods of marking available for industrial products, today! Laser etching machine for metal offer 100% accurate results consistently. The entire process of etching using laser machines is quite easy, and flexible. These machines offer permanent and durable etching, a quick and easy way to modify the etched marks without the need for changing any tools, nibs, stencil etc, as the entire process takes place with the help of computer program, a simple click of the button, drag of the image, and text modifies the content, if required. The overhead costs of laser etching are minimal making laser etching machine the most favored etching process for many industries.

With many types of laser marking machines available choosing the right type of material for your needs is difficult, well considering factors like the surface that needs etching, the content, etc., helps determine the type of laser machines fits your requirement. Here is a synopsis of the laser machines available and their functionality:

•  Fiber Laser Marking System: These Fiber laser machines come with air-cooling system for smooth and accurate operation; as such, they deliver flawless results. However, they are suitable for marking both metallic and non-metallic surfaces, these are particularly favored for metallic surfaces such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, Iron, etc. With a power of 10W, they can mark at speeds greater than 9000 mm/s, in areas measuring 100mm * 100mm, this measure is flexible and depends on your requirements. Depending on the material, these machines can mark up to a depth of 0.1mm, and these machines produce highly repeatable marking process with a precision of ±0.001mm. In addition, the cost of maintenance of these fiber lasers is almost zero. Fiber laser machines are also available with power of 20W and 30W,  both have the same marking speed, repeatability precision as that of the 10W power laser marking machines, but can go further deep to 0.2mm and 0.4mm respectively. The 20W and 30W machines can mark on any surface and are maintenance free, with the option to customize.

•  CO2 Laser marking System: The CO2 laser marking machines are particularly suitable for a variety of non-metallic surfaces such as Wood, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, etc. These machines deliver quality results with the help of stable and accurate CO2 lasers.( These machines come in power outputs of 10w and 30W, with marking speeds of greater than 9000mm/s, over an area of 100mm * 100mm, while the 10W can mark the depths of 0.2mm, the 30W can go further up to 0.5mm deep. These machines have repeatability accuracy of ±0.001mm, and are fully customizable.

Laser marking machines are revolutionizing the marking, etching functions of the modern industries, they help reduce costs, and make efficient and permanent marks on products.  The advantage of laser machines is that they suit any surface metallic or non-metallic and are flexible in marking the content, editing, modifying it. Finally, the content marked using these machines can endure harsh environments, making sure the etching stays on the product for its lifetime!

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