Industrial Powder Coatings – Averting Corrosion and Rust

Powder coating is applied to metal parts to protect them against the corrosion and for decorative finishing. It can be used for finishing of a wide variety of metal parts ranging from industrial machinery to daily use household items. That’s why powder coating services are incredibly popular in the manufacturing industry.

How is the powder coating applied?  

Powder coating is applied electrostatically on the metal substrate. It is a dry metal finishing process.

In this process, first of all, the surface of the metal substrate is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the deposition of the finely ground polymer powder.

After preparing the surface, charged polymer powder is sprayed on the electrically grounded metal substrate using an electrostatic spray gun. It is called electrostatic spray deposition. Charging the powder allows particles to adhere to the electrically grounded substrate better.

After this, the metal substrate is heated into the oven to cure. Curing helps powder coating to fuss into the surface of the metal substrate better. It results in a high crosslink density powder coating.

Benefits of Industrial Powder Coating   

Powder coating forms a corrosion resistant layer on the metal part. Due to its versatility, powder coating services are used for the metal finishing of the wide range of metal products. Industrial powder coating offers numerous benefits. Let’s have a look at the five key benefits of powder coating.

Prevent Corrosion

Powder coating increases the resistance of metal parts against corrosion. It deposits a layer of even thickness on the surface of the metal part and protects it against corrosion and rust. Powder coated metal parts can be used in highly corrosive environments. It averts corrosion and rust. Also, powder coating is 4 to 10 times thicker than the wet paint, therefore, provides better protection against corrosive environments.

Extremely Durable

Powder coating is extremely durable yet flexible. It does not chip or cracks easily. It increases the resistance of metal parts against abrasion and wears. Due to its flexibility, it is the preferred choice for the metal parts used in the transportation industry where coating must be able to withstand vibration and movement. Powder coating lasts longer without cracking.

High-Quality Finishing

Powder coating works great as a decorative finishing. It provides high-quality finishing. It forms a unique layer of coating on the surface of metal parts. Unlike wet paint, there is no risk of the uneven coating and surface imperfections. Also, powder coating finishing is available in a multitude of colors, such as stain, glossy, metallic, glitter, matte, iridescent, or fluorescent. You have an unlimited selection of colors and finishes. More importantly, powder coating colors retain its shine longer. Unlike wet paint, there is no risk of dripping.


Powder coating is an economical metal finishing process. Unlike wet paint, it does not require multiple coats to achieve the unblemished finish. Uniform coating can be achieved in the single step which reduces the waste created significantly. Also, the powder used is relatively inexpensive than the wet paint. Hence, it saves you a lot of money and makes the process quicker. More importantly, it is almost maintenance free. You do not have to hire powder coating services from time to time for refinishing.

Eco-friendly and Safe

Powder coating does not cause harm to the environment by releasing dangerous, volatile organic compounds. Unlike wet paint, it does not require any organic solvent or volatile organic compound, therefore, safe for environment and manufacturer. VOCs are carcinogenic chemical compounds that can cause severe damage to the liver, kidney, and nervous system. With powder coating, you do not have to worry about these. It creates minimal waste, and that can also be deposited easily. Also, powder coating is inflammable, so it is safe for consumers as well.

These are the key benefits of industrial powder coating that makes it the preferred choice for metal finishing.

In the end…

Metal finishing plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. Not only it increases the lifespan of the metal parts but also provides decorative finishing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right powder coating services to achieve high-quality finishing.

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