Handheld Dot Peen Markers: A Mobile Metal Parts Marking Solution

Labeling and marking inventory is always a part of a sensible operations process. This is why a lot of resources are usually put into ensuring that everything is marked appropriately, information is processed and stored correctly and the inventory control does not need to be completely revamped every year or every second year.

When it comes to marking metal parts and equipment – what can you do to guarantee durable marking that will not need to be updated for the lifetime of the product? Paper labels fall off, attached labels can interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, hand-written or sprayed-on markings are unprofessional…have you considered a dot peen marker?

What is a dot peen marker?

The dot peen marking technology is innovative, cost effective, fast and durable. A powerful diamond or carbide stylus electromechanically strikes the surface that needs to be marked and puts a series of dots on it. The dots can be programmed to form letters, numbers, patterns or any kind of characters. Depending on the model, no compressed air may be needed. Usually, no consumables are required. The speed is impressive and the result lasts for the lifetime of the equipment or part. Since the arrival of this technology, most manufacturers focused on the benchtop or desktop versions of dot peen markers, but recent developments have made it possible to create portable or mobile markers as well.

How can a mobile dot peen marker be useful?

If you are looking into marking the parts that you are only making now, a desktop version of the dot peen marker may answer your needs very well, but what if the equipment you would like to mark is already assembled? Taking equipment apart just for the sake of marking does not fit the description for a sensible solution. The same goes for vehicles and heavy parts – marking is, after all, only a part of the operations process and should not consume the entire operations budget by costs for equipment downtime, disassembly, assembly and transportation. This is where a mobile or handheld dot peen marker comes on stage as the answer.

What can a mobile dot peen marker do for me?

When looking on the market for a dot peen marker machine, consider the models that can be used in both a mobile version and a desktop version. This gives you greater flexibility without making a big dent in your operating budget. You can use your dot peen marker for a variety of things: imprinting serial numbers, barcodes, time variables, graphics, identification numbers and any other information you want.

The scope of employment for this type of durable and efficient technology spans from heavy machinery to medical equipment, and from auto parts manufacturing to municipal maintenance. With a handheld dot peen marker, you can place the information anywhere you choose, easily transporting the marking equipment instead of disassembling and moving the objects that you want to mark.

Where has such technology been used successfully?

The two industries where the use of dot peen markers first became very prominent are automotive and aerospace. Every component in an automobile, truck, tractor, airplane, helicopter, and so on and so forth can be carefully marked using a handheld marker to make not only inventory, but also parts recall, replacement, updating, maintenance, etc. much more time efficient and streamlined. The marking of every component greatly assists in the establishment of chains of events in the case of accidents, mechanical failure, and theft.

Perhaps one of the best features of dot peen technology is the fact that, while it is highly visible and durable when needed, it is, at the same time, not obstructing the normal operation of equipment or stealing all the attention from design when the marking information is not immediately sought. This makes the technology increasingly popular in various industries as the years go by.

What to look for in a particular model

As mentioned before, it is now possible to find handheld dot peen markers that can also be used in a desktop environment. When analyzing the specific model at hand, do not focus only on the cost; also focus on the number of years the equipment has been sold, the companies that have purchased it before you, the way that the manufacturer engages and communicates with customers, and the availability of technical specifications for the equipment when asked for. Keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to find the markers that best suit your company’s needs in the long term.

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