Finding a Reliable Anodizing Service Provider

Aluminum Hardcoat Anodizing is an indispensable metal process that helps various sectors in the industry – from aviation to navigation; construction to manufacturing project. It is an electrochemical process that transforms the metal surface into aesthetically appealing, durable, and above all, gives corrosion-resistant finish. Aluminum is the most perfect for anodizing; however, other non-ferrous materials can also be anodized such as titanium and magnesium.

Aluminum Hardcoat Anodizing is similar to classic anodizing in that both are controlled electrochemical processes. The major difference is that hardcoat anodizing provides a surface that is more wear-resistant and has a harder, yet smoother surface as compared to standard anodizing.

Benefits of Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum

Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum is used for the various reasons, including:

• Aesthetics

• Corrosion resistance

• Dielectric properties

• Increased wear resistance

• Improved lubrication

• Increased abrasion resistance

• Flame resistance

• Light weight properties

• Non-contaminating (for medical instrumentation)

The Aesthetic Effect Of Harcoat Anodizing On Aluminum!

If the aluminum to be hardcoat anodized is not dyed, the color of the aluminum changes. The color of the aluminum after hardcoat anodizing depends on the alloy and the thickness of the coating. While on some alloys, the color of the aluminum after being hardcoat anodized will be bronze/gray; on others it will be gray-black.

And if the aluminum is dyed, black is the most common. Other colors may be available depending on the alloy and thickness of the coating. Sampling is essential if a color other than black is required.

The Process: Hard Anodized Aluminum Coatings

Hard anodized aluminum coating uses an exclusive electrolytic process that produces a heavy layer of aluminum oxide on both on and in the aluminum surface. The coating is thickened by normal anodizing standards, ranging generally from 1 to 3 mils, or more if required. Hard anodizing penetrates the base metal in a ratio equal to the build up on the surface.

Other hard anodizing properties include:

1. Color Varies – From colorless to light brown, the color does vary on pure aluminum as coating thickness increases from 1 to 5 mils. Alloys vary in color from tan to jet black, depending upon the alloy structure and coating thickness.

2. Surface Finish – The finishing increases as the thickness of the coating increases; for wrought alloys, its 10 to 20 micro inches and for castings, its 50 to 100 micro inches. Parts can be used as is or sharpened, lapped or ground where fine finishes are needed.

Finding a Reliable Anodizing Service Provider

Because anodizing can be a complicated process, anodizing companies can produce output with variations. Thus, it is essential that you choose the most qualified when it comes to producing better quality finish. And to help you with that, below are some tips that can help you find the best company in your locality:

1. Company review – It is very important that you do prior review before finalizing any deal from a anodizing company. There are numerous online reviews you can read and ask about – all you need to do is to become diligent. Apart from reading other people’s reviews, clients online, you can also go with similar technique offline – you can go through the company website and can ask its previous customers about the services they have.

2. The company reputation – This is one of effective ways to compute its capacity to provide the good quality anodizing service. When you ponder a company’s reputation, you should ask these questions: is my prospect well-known as leader in the industry? Has it received any accolades from any reputable bodies in the past? What other people reviewed about the company? – These are just a few of the many questions you should not overlook.

3. The length of service in the industry – The general understanding is that the longer the time a company in service, the more it is anticipated to be favorable. The duration of a company in service means that it has achieved the genuine experience to provide service which is even better.

4. The price and incentives – This is yet another factor that you should not overlook. The company might give you the genuine services, but the question is: is the price also genuine? Try to determine if you can go for its service with the offered price. Besides, you should also determine if the company is offering incentives to its customers – and check if you are qualified or not.

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