Everything You Need to Know About Swiss Machine

Swiss machines were first used for the production of watches. Due to the precise nature of the work done through the Swiss machining process; its variations began to be used in other industries as well.

What is a Swiss Machine?

Swiss machines in terms of industrial settings refer to machines that work on metals using a rotary slide. With the help of Swiss machines, it was possible to create very precise watch components. The same principals are used to make Swiss machines for metal industrial products.

The Swiss machines can be either automatic or CNC (computer numerical control) machines. The only difference between the two types of Swiss machining processes is that latter is operated through a CNC tool or unit. The CNC-based Swiss machines can handle more directions and as a result more functions at the same time. The automatic Swiss machines can also perform more than one function at the same time. But the results are not as precise as CNC Swiss machines.

Applications and Benefits

It can be helpful to use either or both types of Swiss machining processes in industrial settings. These machines are easy to program and can be used for long-term projects without requiring many operators. So, you can significantly reduce your labor costs and at the same time increase your output.  You can transfer the cost benefits to your clients; resulting in the possibility of getting more business from them.  These things can eventually help the bottom line of any business.

Swiss machining processes are extensively used in the electronics and automotive industries. These machines are also used in the IT industry to make precise metal parts. Swiss machines can help you produce small parts quickly and efficiently. You can use these machines for different types of metal products. For this reason, use of Swiss machines quickly gained in popularity across many industries.

Swiss machines have also largely replaced simple CNC machines. Use of Swiss machines can reduce a business’s dependency on traditional CNC machines. If you need to use Swiss machining for smaller or precise applications, you can utilize other CNC machines for producing bigger components. If not, you can simply continue to use Swiss machines for more efficiency in your production cycle.

Use of Swiss machines can greatly increase the productivity of any industrial setting. You can also expect consistency in the final results with Swiss machining processes. So, ultimately you can not only reduce your labor costs but also improve the production processes to quite an extent.

Even using one Swiss machine in a small-sized industry can streamline the production processes greatly. The standard or traditional CNC or other machines can be put to work to create larger items. You don’t need to use them for smaller or precise items anymore if you have access to a Swiss machine for your business. For example, one or two Swiss machines can produce the same output as standard CNC machines. If you are setting up a new industrial unit, it can make sense to utilize the power of Swiss machining for your business.

You can also choose from a variety of Swiss machine designs. There are no restrictions to how the Swiss machine can be designed. You can have a machine with place for 10-20 tools. You also have the option to use machines with tool changers.

The mechanism of Swiss machines enables cutting of the metals with one precise movement. The quality of the surface finishes is also excellent and you don’t need to unnecessarily grind the material. You can have multiple tools working at the same time on a single Swiss machine. It helps to manufacture complex machine parts in less amount of time. A single Swiss machine is capable of performing multiple tasks such as drilling, milling, sawing, and more.

It can take some time to set up the right tools for the machine. But once all the parts are assembled and the machine is set up; it can run without requiring much operational assistance.

For those requiring the services of industrial businesses, it makes sense to work with industries with Swiss machines. Doing so can result in savings of time and money in manufacturing the products.

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