Direct Part Marking Machines for Industrial Marking Applications

Direct part marking machines give out such information in the form of two-dimensional bar codes. These machines can imprint such content on any surface no matter the size, or the quality of the surface of the matter. The traditional method of sticking labels containing all the required information may not be possible on parts that are very small, direct part marking machines can imprint, mark all the required information on parts of any size.

Traditional methods of imprinting such as stamping, punching, labeling the information may not withstand harsh environments, and therefore direct part marking machines have come into existence. Direct part marking machines engrave or mark the surface of the part directly; such markings can withstand the harshest of the environments. These machines can mark any material, any surface from metals to non-metals such as glass, wood, plastics, etc. Direct marking takes the help of different tools such as stencil, nib, etc., and methods that include casting, molding, chemical etching, laser printing, dot peen, etc. for making permanent and durable marks on the parts.

Reasons for Direct Part Marking:

Many industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical, and Retail, prefer direct marking for their product parts, as this method offers them an effective way to track the inventory and enhance their business process. Some of the reasons for direct part marking are:

•  To track the parts throughout their lifecycle.

•  Effectively manage inventory.

•  Create permanent marks that can withstand harsh temperatures, etc.

•  Help technicians with the part information, such as configuration related information, which helps them fix issues quickly, in case of failures.

•  This helps inspectors with readily available data, than collecting it manually, so inventory management, audit reporting, and maintenance is easy.

•  Many regulatory bodies across the world require direct part marking for identification of the parts. The automotive industry, aerospace, medical devise, defense, etc., have made it mandatory to imprint serial numbers, codes in the form of barcodes, etc., on the manufactured parts.

Features of a Direct part Marking Machine:

There are many Direct part making machines available today, these machines use different technologies to accomplish the goal of permanent marking on the products, some of the direct parts marking machines are the dot peen-marking machine, laser print marking machine, engraving systems, 2D data matrix machine readable systems, etc. Before deciding on the right type of machine for your requirements, you need to analyze your specific requirements and the capabilities of the machines. A close analysis of the machine helps you decide if a particular machine meets your requirements. An analysis of one such direct part-marking machine is, as follows:

Dot Peen Direct part marking Machine:

These high-end direct part-marking machines have integrated controllers such as a monitor with the required software and hardware to control it. These controls make it easy and fast to imprint the part directly. These machines deliver high quality markings with the help of a quality beam, direct part marking ( machine such as the dot peen machine can mark any content such as alphabets, numbers, and symbols on any surface –metallic or non-metallic. However, you have the choice, and the flexibility to choose the marking area these machines have a standard marking area of 120mm * 40mm, based on the toughness of the surface these machines can make marking up to 0.1 mm to 2 mm deep, working at a speed of  30 ~ 40 mm/s.

Dot peen direct marking machines can mark special characters, symbols, logos, graphics, bar codes, readings, date, time, serial number, etc. These machines have extensive applications in industries such as Aerospace, medical device, automotive, metal processing, etc. for number plate marking, lot numbering, engine and bearings marking, tools and equipment marking,  cast marking, date, time marking, etc.

In the world of direct part marking, dot peen machine is just one type, apart from dot peen there are many other techniques, and machines that help manufacturers with permanent marking on the part. Laser marking is an emerging and revolutionary technology in the world of industrial marking business. Based on the specific requirements of your business and the surface of the parts you can chose among the many direct part-marking machines available on the market today!

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