CO2 Vs Fiber Laser Marking Technologies

To understand the variety of laser marking technologies and their internal differences in providing quality marking output we should begin with the basics of laser technology as such. Each object in our universe is made up of microscopic particles referred as atoms. Now these atoms are always in moving state. They are vibrating, moving and or rotating all the time. This movement happens thanks to different degree of excitation which corresponds to the reaction of atoms in different levels of motion. To make an atom reach certain level of excitation any type of energy on the given object must be applied. This energy can be electricity, heat or simply light.

Now just as the electron of the atom moves to a higher excitation level, it also wants to get back to its original state and when doing so it tries to shred its energy which is called a photon. These photons are nothing but particles of light. These light photons combined together make up the laser beam. Now this laser light beam can be created in a variety of ways and accordingly different types of laser technologies have been surfaced.

This difference between various types of laser marking technologies, particularly the difference between CO2 and Fiber Laser marking is a very common point of interest for the customers of laser marking and engraving machines.  Here below we would like to explain the differences between these two laser marking technologies in clear and simple terms.

Fiber laser marking

Basically, in fiber laser marking machines cluster of diodes create the fiber laser light. In this technology the light is first of all channeled and then amplified through the fiber optic cable which looks similar to the data transfer cables. The light amplified in this way by exiting the fiber cable is then collimated and thereafter a dense light focus is created on the material surface to give a sharp marking impression. That is how fiber laser marking works. Fiber laser marking compared to traditional CO2 machines is more efficient and user friendly. Some of the crucial benefits of fiber laser marking machine include the following.

•  There is no need of moving parts or mirrors in the source of light which is required in conventional CO2 laser machines. This results in low maintenance cost and savings in operating cost.

•  Fiber laser marking is considered 200% more efficient than its competitor CO2 marking technology.  It also offers great advantage through lower running costs.

•  The superior technology of this type of laser marking machines facilitates much higher speed in either marking or engraving any thin material. In comparison to CO2 machine of similar capacity the fiber laser machine is at least 3 times faster in cutting or marking thin materials.

•  Offer great precision driven marking and engraving output without any risk of back reflections causing damage. Any type of material including copper, brass, and aluminum can be penetrated through this technology without the least problem.

CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machines have their own set of advantages. As far as cutting, marking or engraving thicker materials at a rapid speed is concerned CO2 machines prove more effective.  In material thickness typically above 5 mm CO2 machine offers the highest speed. Here are a few things to consider about CO2 machines before you make your decision of buying your ideal laser marking machine.

•  CO2 machine is considered more versatile and flexible for all types of marking and engraving tasks. Moreover, being the older technology they are often preferred by technicians. Being able to handle a variety of thickness it offers ideal making solution.

•  CO2 marking machines being most common technology is in the market for years and at present compared to high end fiber laser machines can be purchased and installed at a much lower cost.

Consumers from various manufacturing and industrial environments agree that running the fiber marking machine alongside the CO2 facility for months they can clearly see the quality and quicker output of the former. It is a fact that fiber laser marking both in terms of precise marking and cost advantage offers huge benefit to the customers.

Handling marking tasks on fragile and delicate surfaces is a great plus point for state of the art fiber laser marking machines as this technology is particularly great for thin material. With faster delivery and reliable output fiber laser marking technology is way ahead of all other laser marking machines and corresponding technologies.

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