Building a Barndominium – Everything You Need to Know

A barndominium is a popular building design trend. It is a metal barn that is built as a comfortable living space. Barndominiums are elegant structures that are easy to customize and build. It can also be cost-effective to build a barndominium depending on several factors. If you are planning to build a barndominium, it can be helpful for you to know the following information.

Here are the things to know if you are building a barndominium.

Zoning Regulations

If you are planning to build a barndominium then it is better to first check the zoning regulations for such constructions in your area. You will need to obtain the building permits before starting the construction work.

Local authorities place restrictions on constructions without a permit to safeguard the interests of everyone living in a community. At times, the zoning restrictions are placed to protect the aesthetic appeal of a certain locality. So, inquire about the building permits and restrictions in your area for a barndominium and obtain the necessary licenses as required.


The size of the barndominium is a big factor to consider when building one. The dimensions of the structure will also determine if you get the permit to build one and its overall cost. The good thing about building a barndominium is that you can customize the dimensions to suit your needs. So, if you don’t get the building permit for a specific size of the structure then you can modify the dimensions to comply with the zoning regulations and still build a barndominium for yourself.

You can even increase the size of the barndominium at a later stage by adding new rooms or areas to use in the existing structure. Due to your growing family, you may want to add new rooms or play areas to the existing barndominium. An experienced contractor will be able to help you out with it whenever you need to expand on your existing barndominium’s size.


The cost of building a barndominium will depend on several factors. The size of the building, of course, is a big determining factor for it. The other factors are material, features, the location, the contractor, etc.

You can build a basic one room barndominium, a luxury building with multiple rooms, or just about anything in between ranging from simple to extravagant structures. You can reduce the construction costs by purchasing a prefabricated kit but not everyone can erect the walls and the roof properly.

So, you can calculate the total approximate costs after considering the above factors.


The trend is to build a metal barndominium as opposed to a wooden one. There are many benefits of using metal as the material for the barndominium.

A metal barndominium is also more durable. You can choose rust-proof and waterproof paints over the metal to further strengthen it. Metal will not rot and is not combustible. Metal is also safe from termite attacks, unlike wood.

Metal is also environment-friendly and recyclable whereas wood requires shelling of trees.

Construction Time

It doesn’t take too long to construct a barndominium. The basic structure is mostly prefabricated if you choose metal as the building material. If you choose experienced contractors for the job, your barndominium can be ready in a short span of time.

The actual construction time will depend on the size of the barndominium, its material, the overall design, the features to be installed inside the building, and the experience of the contractor.

Aesthetic Appeal

A barndominium can look very beautiful when constructed well and with quality materials. You can choose a number of designs, styles, and colors for your barndominium. When maintained properly like any other house, a barndominium can retain its beauty and even increase in real estate value just like any other property.


A barndominium can be the perfect living space – modern, sturdy, and spacious. It’s sustainable, cost-effective, and sturdy. All in all, if you decide to build a barndominium; you will be blessed with a superior quality house with immense value. The important thing is to choose the right material and the contractor and to not forget obtaining the permit for building your barndominium.

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