All About the Silver Plating

Use of precious metal (platinum, gold, and silver) plating is often sought for various industrial, engineering, as well as domestic applications and components. Nonetheless, in view of the cost concern, silver plating should be a technician’s foremost choice; so long an application needs plating with precious metal to include specific properties.

Equally, in order to boost up the life cycle and characteristics, silver plating services is most wanted as a steady replacement of material coating with tin or tin alloy. This is because; tin doesn’t possess the extent of conductivity and anti-corrosiveness opposed to silver. Secondly, silver is much harder and enduring than tin and can effectively sustain heat nearly 3 ½ to 4 times more, before melting opposed to tin and tin alloy. Its performance as a lubricant is amazing where tin simply collapses.

Silver Plating Process

Comprehensive metal study and pretreatment is most essential to get the desired product finishes. In this regard, ensuring about the consistency of parts to be plated from possible tensile stress, cracks, pits and marks, hydrogen embrittlement and inclusion of non metal mixed elements is the foremost criterion to optimize finishing. Professional silver plating services is carried out only after thorough thermal and mechanical applications and treatments counting bending, forming, machining, soldering, or welding as needed. Having an under undercoat plating with copper, nickel or its blend is equally essential before final silver plating that helps avoid common silver plating issues like substandard bonding and gaps within plating finishes.

Post Treatment

Post treatment phase is equally vital and comprehensive. The procedure involves use of protective coatings such as chromates, lacquers and anti-tarnish organic coating that helps withstand tarnishing. Use of silver saver paper and non-sulfur containing packages is vital since silver is vulnerable to tarnishing to sulfur exposures.


Similar to all electroplating procedures, depending on the type of the objects to be plated, their volume, flimsiness and aesthetic need, silver plating services is well equipped to offer solutions backed by most consistent plating procedure. This includes

 Reel-to-Reel Plating

 Rack Plating

 Barrel Plating

You can get silver plating services in various types including matte plating, semi bright plating, and bright polished plating as per your need.

Industries That Mostly Require Silver Plating

The list of users is quite extensive and typically includes electronics (from musical instruments to connectors, semi-conductors, specific components etc), automotive industry, solar power manufacturers, domestic appliances, and obviously decorative industry.

Benefits of Silver Plating Services

Good Conductivity for Electricity and Heat

With high electrical and heat conductivity feature silver plating is extensively used in engineering, electronics, electrical, thermal project applications and semiconductor industries.

Decorative Appeal and Polish:

One of the best attributes of silver plating is its aesthetic appeal and shiny look. Its ornamental feature makes it widely popular in beautification of trophies, medals, high-end domestic utensils, and decorative items.

Extremely Ductile:

Being highly ductile, it can be twisted and curved into any kind of shape, which is top wanted by dishware, flatware, and ornamental products.

Relatively Low Cost:

In terms of cost level, silver plating is much preferred option to industries due to its affordable that minimize production cost.


Apart from being an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, its great solderability feature makes it unique in its category.

Corrosion Resistant and Antibacterial:

If property treated in course of plating it can stay away from getting tarnished. It’s antibacterial and resistive to corrosion.

High Lubricity:

It demonstrates high extent of lubricity that makes it ideal to smooth anti-gulling industrial applications.

Easy Maintenance:

Silver plated items are easy to maintain and long-lasting.

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